The Azores 

Glamping in the Azores


If you choose the Azores for your next holiday destination, you will be guaranteed tranquillity and serenity, soothing colours, stimulating aromas, crystal-clear waters, a moderate climate, security and a genuine hospitality. In short, everything for a unique and incredibly revitalising holiday. You will probably want to experience over and over again!

Located in the temperate area of the Northern Hemisphere, the Azores have a mild climate throughout the whole year. Clouds and rain are possible any time of the year.  The summer months – between June and September/October – have longer periods of sunshine and higher temperatures. The average air temperature ranges between 13.6°C (minimum) and 22°C (maximum) throughout the whole year.

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Azul Singular 

* Tents and yurts
* Unique plantation
* Glass dome 

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