Glamping in Portugal!


Glamping is booming and destinations keep growing. And Portugal is definitely amongst them!

More and more people discover this popular new way of camping. But what is it exactly?
The word ‘Glamping’ is a combination of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. So it therefore stands for camping in a glamorous and luxurious way. You can think of staying in a luxury safari tent or in a beautiful tree house. In glamping you have the real atmosphere of camping but also the luxury of home. Therefore glamping is mainly for lovers of luxury, nature and adventure.

The New Camping is currently very popular. More and more camping sites are offering glamping facilities and more people are opting for a glamping holiday. It is just as adventurous as a classic camping holiday, because you will find the accommodation often in the middle of nature. For example, you can sleep in a yurt but also in a tree house. But glamping lacks the inconveniences and worries of classic camping. Because you don’t have to bring all your own stuff and you don’t have to pitch a tent yourself. Usually you will have your own kitchen and bathroom. That is one of the reasons why you can relax in all luxury during a glamping holiday in Portugal!

There are a different glamping accommodations. For instance:



The yurt is a large round tent used by nomads in Mongolia. The tent consists of a large wooden frame covered with a thick layer of cloth over which a waterproof white sail is placed. This makes the yurt warm on the inside. The round tent often has room for several beds.

Glamping in Portugal


This luxury tent can now also be found outside of Africa, on glamping sites in  Europe. A safari tent is a large tent with several rooms, its own kitchen and bathroom and a large veranda. There are safari tents in different sizes and form. Some accommodations even have their own pool.


A tree house is a nice adventurous accommodation! The tree houses are different everywhere and you will be amazed how luxurious some of them are. The tree houses vary from round balls in trees with a bed in it, to almost complete houses. But a no go when you are scared of heigths!


Very popular with children is the tipi tent. Because; how nice is it to sleep in a real tipi tent just like Indians? The round tents have different beds inside and some tipi tents have their own cooking corner. 

So, let’s go Glamping!

To us it means staying in unique holiday accommodations, and usually in the middle of nature. Mostly with luxury and comfort but also back to basic with glamorous views. You will find luxurious safari tents, back to basic yurts, special tree houses and other accommodation when you looking for glamping in Portugal.

No costs! refers to the website of the host, so you can make your booking directly. You don’t pay any extra costs. In addition, you are always up to date with the latest information, offers and prices. Let’s go glamping in Portugal!